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Currently 6 updates in total.

IDTypeWhereDateDescription Update - 1.0.2
- Koshei The Deathless Quest has been fixed.
- The Verdant Bed, Wroght-iron Bed and the general behavior of the beds have been fixed.
- Prey reroll has been fixed. [10.100]
- Stash and Bank can now be used in Hireling.
- Map errors fixed in Gnomprona. 1/1
- You can now move items from the store-inbox to your backpack.
- Now you can use Alana Sio on yourself.
- The debug when having momentum and being in combat has been corrected. [10.100]
- Fixed the teleport symbol to falcon bastion
- Increased the attack rate by 50%.
- Fixed Netherworld safe zones.
- The exit teleports from the arena have been fixed. 10 has been fixed, you can now connect and the store is working properly. Update - 1.0.1
- The reward of the chest in the temple has been fixed.
- Fixed mapping errors in dream courts (arena)
- Now the new characters already have the initial items.
- Training Online have been fixed, they now regenerate stamina and have enough life.
- The Eldritch Casket has been modified. Here in Thornia it will give you one of the Eldritch items (for sale in the Game Store).
- The !report command has been added. Useful to report any error or problem with a player in the game.
- Fixes have been made to the Store, images that were not visible, wrong prices, etc. email will be used to login to the server through the clients. This is due to an account refactor. the website error on android-ios devices, in which it was not displayed correctly. Thornia information content has been added to the website.
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