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Currently 19 updates in total.

IDTypeWhereDateDescription the bug where the Thornia Castle was not giving Castle Coins after winning it. the limit of packets per second sent to the server. - 2.1.2
- Trinkets are now for all vocations.
- Fixed map errors in the Werehyaenas.
- The door of the Prima Arbor house in Ab'Dendriel has been fixed.
- Fixed map errors in Issavi.
- Level Rewards have been improved.
- Bosses will now be giving Loyalty Points when they are defeated. the bug where the autoloot list was not saved correctly in the TTC. fully automatic donation system has been added. - 2.1.1
The following boss mechanics have been adjusted/added.
    • Tentugly's Head mechanics have been adjusted.
    • The Ratmiral Blackwhiskers mechanics have been adjusted.
    • Bosses of Dream Courts
- Added the badge and title system (working only in client 13).
- Added the new VIP List system where you can create groups for your friends.
- Fixed the loot names in the TTC that were appearing inside square brackets.
- Fixed the bug where when you tried to move an item from the store in your inventory in a house where you were a guest, it was impossible. - 2.1
- Now the information highlighted at login will be displayed in the selected language.
- Now you can right click on the thornia tokens and get information on how to use them.
- Added the NPC Baba Yaga who can help you put a price on the head of another character, in the depot there is a sign with the names of the characters that are being hunted. - 2.0.9
- Tibia RL 2024 balancing was applied to several monsters and bosses. We still need to modify the zones.
- Transcendence is now correctly applied.
- VIP will not keep you online when you are in online trainers (no excercise). This is to give more value to the skills.
- Fixed Mephiles loot, I was dropping White Knight instead of Shield of The White Knight. - 2.0.8
- The !leavehouse command has been fixed. When used, it will be programmed to uninhabit the house for server save.
- The !eject command that allowed to eject members from their houses if they have not logged in for 15 days has been removed. Added a system that automatically eject players who have not logged in for more than 30 days.
- Fixed some mapping errors in the Secret Library.
- Cast System is disabled until further notice.
- The Loyalty System will now give +1 skill per 100 points.
- Fixed mapping errors in Werehyenas.
- Fixed mapping errors in the “Frost Manor” house. - 2.0.7
- Fixed the Rascacoon water in which you could walk as if you were Jesus Christ.
- Fixed SQM in Thais depot.
- The entrance to the Brain Head has been fixed.
- The requirement of crystals to enter Warzone IV, V and VI has been removed.
- Some zones that should be protection zones have been fixed. - 2.0.6
- Removed Timira The Many-Headed mechanics.
- Soul War damage adjustments
- A balance has been applied to the XP Boosts, only 6 can be bought per day and the price will increase each time they are bought, the price will be reset when reaching 6. - 2.0.5
- Fixed the exit of the Fear Feaster boss.
- The Unwelcome boss has been fixed. Adjusted defenses and life, no mechanics were added.
- Fixed map errors in Asura Mirror
- Removed access to enter Inquisition
- Added pz area to the stairs of the Issavi temple.
- The VIP loot bonus is now 10%.
- Brain Head boss has been fixed
- The autoloot in TTC will not continue to loot if you don't have a cap, avoiding the bugs caused by the loot sale where items that didn't really exist kept appearing.
- Added !backpack command. - 2.0.4
- Fixed map errors in Thais.
- Fixed map errors in Marapur
- Doors fixed in Dream Scar
- Randvi's messages when he delivers a reward have been fixed.
- The exeta res has been increased by 1 tile.
- The shielding of the utamo tempo has been fixed. of all vocations has increased. of all vocations has increased. was configured so that it can be done more times. It was configured the same as Tibia Global. - 2.0.3
- Fixed the bug when a Physical Resilience was purchased and a Death Resilience was delivered instead of the selected one.
- Squeezing Gear of Girlpower will no longer get jammed.
- Chaos Trinket has been fixed.
- Some blocked doors have been fixed.
- Flasks of the potions are now disabled by default.
- Autoloot command fixed in client 13
- The TibiaDrome potions can now be used every 2 hours, after 1 hour from the end of the effect.
- The Fugue boss has been added
- The !emote command has been fixed.
- The Snow Globe Trinket has been fixed.
- The number of kills to become a red skull has been increased.
- The Minotaur Task has been fixed.
- Charms bonus increased to x3
- Mechanics of POI levers have been removed.
- Some lockers in the depot have been fixed.
- Fixed doors and increased respawn in Dream Scar.
- Fixed a bug in which players stats (mana regeneration, skills) were stopped when they died.
- Access to Waronze IV, V and VI released. - 2.0.2
- The respawn of the Exotic Cave in Issavi has been increased.
- Mechanics have been removed to access the Lloyd''s lever.
- The formulas of all tiers have been modified by +40%.
- The appearance of the beach at the house located in Bounac has been fixed.
- An Idol NPC has been added, necessary to obtain the Galthen''s Satchel.
- The Wheel of Destiny has been fixed. It was not opening.
- XP Boost has been fixed
- A new Roulette has been added that handles the odds better and the problem where you could get multiple spins has been fixed.
- The Trinkets have been reformulated and new ones have been added to the Store.
- Bakku Exercise Dummy has been added to the Store, players gain skill 30% faster.
- Added Rotten Blood from Thornia Vanilla.
- Clients have been updated. - 2.0.1
- The Roulette Boxes have been fixed.
- The War Backpack has been fixed.
- The loot message in OTC has been fixed
- Added the Badge System.
- Augments have been added to Sanguine items.
- The bug that prevented the use of the beds has been fixed.
- XP Boost of the Daily Reward has been fixed.
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