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Thornia Rules

Not following the rules mentioned on this page may cause your account to be prohibited or even excluded.
As in everything, common sense is necessary. Please keep in mind that these rules may change at any time.

[Rules on Thornia]

Category Rules

 Public Chat Channels

All rules apply to all channels.

1. Public Chat

  • a) Prohibited SPAM: "Multiple players send similar phrases in short period of time”.
  • b) The Help chat is of restricted use to clarify doubts. It must be used for any questioning, regarding the mechanics of the game, the missions, items, addons, mounts, doubts about the accounts, updates and etc. It is clear that the channel should be used for questions. Any player who uses the help for other purposes, such as claim, discussion, jokes, spam, sale, advertisement, etc., and is seen by a tutor or staff member, in addition to receiving a mute will be possible to prohibit the account used.
  • c) It is forbidden to mention the name of other servers, it will be considered ads.
  • d) Forbidden to comment, affirming or asking if the server will be reset.
  • e) It is forbidden to incite hatred of the server, to tell false facts about the gamemaster. (edition of items, private hunts, exp bugs, benefits from the GM) that may affect the reputation of the server. The player will be sent to prison for as long as the staff decides.

  •  Gameplay

    2. Blocking Areas

  • a) Prohibited to block the access of other players in the entrance / exit of boats.
  • b) Prohibited to block accesses for quests.
  • c) Prohibited blocking access for bosses.
  • d) It is forbidden to block respawns, blocking the entrance with one character and hunting in the blocked respawn with the other character.
        - The rule is broken even if they are not leveling up but stay for more than 10 minutes in the same place without active pvp.
        - This rule does not apply when respawn is blocked in a war.
  • e) Forbidden to stay for more than 5 minutes in areas of bosses or quests after having finished the same (this rule is only applied where the system does not eject the player automatically).

  • 3. Gamemasters

  • a) Threatening a game master due to his actions or position as gamemaster.
  • b) Pretending to be a game master or having influence over the decisions of a gamemaster.
  • c) Intentionally providing erroneous or misleading information for a game master that refers to their investigations or making false allegations about rule violations.
  • d) It is illegal to insult gamemasters, the sanction can range from 72 hours in prison to weekly ban.

  • 4. Hacking

  • a) HACK LINK will be considered any site disclosed in the game, except for the official site (
  • b) It is forbidden to be trying to discover passwords other than yours, the player will be tracked and will be banned in all accounts.
  • c) Hacking accounts is prohibited, the hacker will be permanently banned from the server.
  • d) It is illegal to use game bugs to crash the game, if you are caught trying to do so you will be permanently banned.

  • 5. Names

  • a) Names that contain the words that refer to the administration (for example "ADM", "GOD", "CM", "GM", "TUTOR", "SUPPORT").
  • b) Names, guild descriptions or avatars containing spam, advertisement, links to content notassociated with this guild, pornographic content or content to offend anyone from the administration of Thornia or its players.

  • 6. Trade/Sale of Virtual Content

  • a) It is forbidden to sell or buy thornia content for anything in real life (virtual currency or money). It will result in the banning of all your accounts.
  • b) Any type of exchange between ots that may involve items, coins, gold or similar is prohibited. (You will receive a warning if you are offering.).
  • c) Selling your account is prohibited. If this is done, the buyer's account will be banned. (You will receive a warning if you are offering.)

  • 7. Personal information

  • a) Everyone has the right to privacy. For this reason, the only person who can share data about himself is the person himself. This means that no server player can disclose information such as real name, address, phone number, credit card number, email address, etc. This also includes a ban on sharing data from your brother or a close friend.

  • 8. False report

  • a) You are very welcome to use our complaint channels and our automatic ctrl + z system, but you can not abuse them to distribute clearly incorrect information. In no way, you can give wrong information with the intention of harming other players or escaping justified punishment. Note that if a statement is reported, not only this statement, but also several before and after statements are transmitted to us.

  • 9. PvP and others

  • a) Prohibited use MC in any Thornia Coins quest.
  • b) It is forbidden to give yourself frags, that is, to intentionally kill your own or a friend's makers to increase your frags.
  • c) It is forbidden to use multi-client in the castle.
  • d) It is forbidden to do trap red or trap black "Use several characters with the intention that a player gets red skull or black skull involuntarily"
  • e) It is forbidden to use more than 2 multi-clients to attack other players (PvP).

  • 10. Gambling

  • a) You are not allowed to run casino in depot, or any kind of games. This rule enforced to prevent depots becoming full. Violating this rule may lead you a banishment of all your accounts.
  • c) By being a casino you agree that you will not rob people who play in the casino.

    NOTE: You are allowed to host casino in houses and other places. However, you should always avoid the "trust" games. They tend to see between friends to look real, but once you trust the player with a value item, they will be stolen from you.

  • 11. Houses

  • a) Own more than 2 houses per ip or account. If this rule is broken, the lowest priced houses will be removed. (If you use techniques to hide your IP and evade this rule you will be banned)

  • 12. Bug abuse

  • a) Bug Abuse - An error is an obvious error of the game, which certainly is not to be so - for example, if the fire magic of the dragons suddenly healed you instead of damaging it, or if an NPC sold a certain rune by a lower price than all the other NPCs. If you abuse any obvious gambling mistake, for example by buying hundreds of backpacks from those cheap runes, your account will probably be punished for that. Keep in mind that already a statement in which you admit to having abused an obvious mistake can lead to punishment.

  •  Bug Abuse

    I have found a bug:

    If you have found something that you consider an error you can report to be checked.

    How do you report?

    Press Ctrl + Z and describe the error in the best way you can, saying details of how it is currently and how it should be.
    The reports are highly recommended, you can also reward for reporting errors, mainly for major.



    Some rules inform the punishment that will be given. In other cases, the administrator will decide on how your case will be handled, the punishment can be from 1 day in prison or the days that the administrator decides, ban for 1 week or permanent ban.

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