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Guild Level System
Basic Information
[*] The whole guild will gain bonus.
[*] Guild members must log in for effects to be activated.
[*] Only members above lvl 150 can get points.
[*] Level information can be viewed both on site or inside the game by looking at a character.
[*] All bonuses are continuous, so if a guild is at level MAX, it will gain all bonuses below.
[*] If a guild was been deleted, all progress will be lost. Take care.
Advantage List
Level 1 none
Level 2 +3% experience
Level 3 +6% experience
Level 4 +5% loot
Level 5 +10% loot
Level 6 +50% health regen
Level 7 +30% mana regen
Level 8 +10% experience
Level 9 +15% loot
Level 10 (MAX) +3% elemental defense (except physical)
How to level up?
By killing monsters (above 500 exp) +3 pt.
By killing bosses (that uses reward system) +500 pts.
By buying a mount on store +10000 pts.
By buying an outfit on store +10000 pts.
Killing players (above lvl 150) +250 pts.
Monster of the Day
Monster Pedestal

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