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This bonus is linked to your account and cannot be transferred.
Purchasing VIP Time in-game earns you Loyalty Points.
Each boss killed you receive +1 Loyalty Point.
All characters on the account will receive the skills bonus from the Loyalty Ranking.
You can see your loyalty level by look on your character.
Loyalty Ranks Loyalty Points Skill
  • Scout of Thornia
  • 0 0
  • Sentinel of Thornia
  • 100 +1
  • Steward of Thornia
  • 200 +2
  • Warden of Thornia
  • 300 +3
  • Squire of Thornia
  • 400 +4
  • Warrior of Thornia
  • 500 +5
  • Keeper of Thornia
  • 600 +6
  • Guardian of Thornia
  • 700 +7
  • Sage of Thornia
  • 800 +8
  • Savant of Thornia
  • 900 +9
  • Enlightened of Thornia
  • 1000 +10
    [Druids] gain the magic skill bonus.
    [Sorcerers] gain the magic skill bonus.
    [Knights] gain the bonus skills of axe, sword, club and shielding.
    [Paladins] gain the bonus skills of distance and shielding.
    Loyalty Points are awarded based on the number of days purchased. For example, if you have purchased four times the VIP Time, you will receive 120 Loyalty Points. This is because each VIP Time provides 30 days of VIP Time.
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