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Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Thornia World on Jun 14 2024.
It is currently active.

Guild Level System
Level Points Points to next level
1249 1499751

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
The Leader Enano Ct Elite Knight 1009 online
Vice-Leader Koke Ct Elder Druid 534 offline
Lino Ct Elder Druid 501 offline
Member Abruzzi Elder Druid 719 online
Arcangel Chris Elite Knight 741 offline
Arcangel Dani Elder Druid 642 online
Belicon Ct Paladin 368 offline
Capu King Elite Knight 752 online
Capuu King Master Sorcerer 745 online
Chapo Ct Master Sorcerer 875 online
Chente Ct Royal Paladin 402 offline
Ciezyslaw Ct Royal Paladin 816 offline
Corridos Ct Elder Druid 554 offline
Corridos Tumbados Paladin 17 offline
Ct Alejandrito Elite Knight 504 offline
Ct Trakas Royal Paladin 985 online
Degustador De Trans Druid 18 offline
El Colores Ct Elder Druid 307 offline
El Flechao Royal Paladin 401 offline
Elite Lino Elite Knight 482 offline
Eminencia Royal Paladin 609 offline
Gir Invader Master Sorcerer 1087 online
Glassie Ct Royal Paladin 437 offline
Jairo King Elder Druid 747 online
Kenshin Ct Elder Druid 333 offline
Kodigo Ct Elite Knight 451 offline
Mago Lino Sorcerer 474 offline
Maniaco Ct Sorcerer 370 offline
Moonsky Ct Elder Druid 440 offline
Msolado Master Sorcerer 441 offline
Ojkar Ct Elder Druid 922 offline
Perfecto Ct Master Sorcerer 755 offline
Qlq Fraiber Elder Druid 293 offline
Royal Lino Royal Paladin 481 offline
Schertte Ct Elite Knight 361 offline
Skateboard Royal Paladin 711 offline
Texas Criminal Druid 25 offline
The Schertte Ct Elder Druid 848 offline
Tutancamon Elite Knight 923 online
Yukki Pakisztan Elder Druid 324 offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

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